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Events 2006

Library Luncheon and Tour

November 15, 2006 at the Art Institute of Charlotte, NC

We celebrated our successful year of 2006 during the Library Luncheon and Annual Meeting at the beautiful Art Institute of Charlotte. Several Roundtable Topics were explored by the luncheon groups. Ideas and plans included: Events & Programs; Membership; and Publicity. Everyone enjoyed culinary delights at the Artisan Restaurant, which is completely staffed by students in the Culinary Arts program. The superb lunch creations included Mediterranean lamb filled flaky pastries and miniature sweet potato pies, in addition to other wonderful menu choices.

Copyright Conference

August 10, 2006 at CPCC Levine Campus in Matthews, NC

Copyright ownership and management issues abound for all libraries and information centers. How we use and distribute scholarly journal publications and teaching materials, electronic collections, and AV media can make or break our compliance with copyright law.

Peggy Hool, renowned copyright expert, brought her vast insights in copyright as it applies to all realms of scholarly publishing, electronic journals, teaching materials, digital rights management, electronic teaching materials, films, music, performance rights, issues in access, copy, distribution, and outlined many of the tensions between technology, researchers' access to information, digital rights, and copyright.

Peggy Hoon, Copyright Adminstrator and Scholarly Communications Librarian at North Carolina State University, is widely renowned for her copyright expertise. She has widely written, consulted, and presented on copyright issues including the Grokster decision and the far-reaching implications for knowledge environments of elements such as technology, distribution methods, and copyright protection and infringement.

2006 Information Literacy Conference

June 8, 2006 at Johnson & Wales University in Uptown Charlotte, NC

The morning session on information literacy, assessment, and learning styles was led by keynote speakers Jennifer Arnold and Mary Metzger. To begin, a brief introduction to information literacy was presented by Jennifer. Mary and Jennifer then teamed up to discuss learning styles. Their presentation incorporated an audio/visual clip and some time requiring participants to reflect upon their own learning style. It later involved matching participant learning styles to groups whereby each group was then required to design a brief assignment for the participants of an opposite or different learning style. Mary then concluded the morning session with a discussion of assessment. 

Afternoon sessions: "Information Literacy in the Classroom", Johnson & Wales University faculty members Daphne Thompson and Brian Mooney showed how information literacy standards may be incorporated in different classroom environments and how its integration improves student work. There was also much discussion of the nature of the partnership which must exist between faculty and librarians for an effective IL program. 

“Information Literacy 1.5: Expanding the toolbox and bridging the gap”, led by Helene Blowers and James Kelly from PLCMC, dealt with some of the more exciting changes taking place with regard to social networks and technology. Participants were also guided through the process of setting up their own blog. 

“Core Modules of Information Literacy” and “The EmbeddedLibrarian”, was led off by Christine Tran who discussed the modular information literacy program at Johnson & Wales University’s Charlotte campus. She framed the program as a whole and explained how various standardized modules are attached to specific classes. She also provided attendees with real lesson plans and handouts which have been used with past student groups. Richard Moniz followed Christine Tran to specifically discuss module III and the instruction that we are engaging students in with regard to issues such as plagiarism and copyright. 

The session concluded with Dr. Helena Rodrigues, Dean of Libraries for Johnson & Wales University, doing a presentation called “The Embedded Librarian.” Helena took the topic full circle explaining how library services have evolved into what they are today and what they must become in the future.

Podcasting in Education

March 16, 2006 at Winthrop University

This 3-hour session on creating podcasts for educational contexts was presented by David Staton and Edwin White of Apple Computers. Their multimedia presentation covered everything from deciding on content to creating, producing, metadata-tagging, and publishing a podcast. In the spirit of "go to where the students are" many different teaching scenarios in several universities -- lectures, material compilations for students etc -- reflect the growing importance of incorporating instruction into the widely used ipod. As instructional technologies evolve, the library’s information role stands to gain from plugging into ipod instruction delivery.

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