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Library Crawl

December 13, 2005 in Uptown Charlotte, North Carolina

Members of the Metrolina Library Association spent the evening visiting the just-opened Imaginon Chidren's Library, the Robinson-Spangler Carolina Room at the Public Library of Charlotte-Mecklenburg County, and the brand-new Library at Johnson & Wales University. The evening concluded with special desserts created by the world famous culinary talents of Johnson & Wales University.

Library Disaster Recovery

October 25, 2005 at Atkins Library, UNC-Charlotte

Hurricanes are seasonal but disasters can happen any time. Libraries need disaster plans, response teams, and team training. The North Carolina Preservation Consortium (NCPC) contributed toward the disaster recovery training of Charlotte-area library response teams in a full-day workshop. The discussion, guided by NCPC trainers, included examples of the kinds of disasters that can affect libraries and solutions to the scenarios. The hands-on portion entailed work with materials that have been damaged, particularly by water. Discarded items including books, journals, microfilm, and video tapes were the focus of this practice session on carrying out a salvage operation. The hands-on session was designed to increase participants' confidence in coping with a library disaster - an event we hope will never happen! This workshop taught participants how to: Raise awareness about appropriate responses to disaster; enhance team-building; and strengthen confidence and skills needed to respond to disasters appropriately.

Grant Writing and Administration

June 16, 2005 at 1pm at CPCC's West Campus

This informative panel discussion of grant writing and grant administration was co-sponsored by the Metrolina Library Association and the Charlotte Area Library Instruction Group. Jeanne Crisp and Penny Hornsby shared their expertise on LSTA grant programs available to North Carolina libraries. The observations on elements of a well-written grant and grant-writing behaviors that really annoy reviewers included tips ranging from how to write the grant to address the funding agency to following small (but important) filing instructions. Teresa Justice from Winthrop University and Elaine Kushmaul from Central Piedmont Community College shared techniques and tips for writing and administering grants, from formulating your proposal to designing and managing the grant budget.

Who Let the Blogs Out?

April 20, 2005 at 2pm at CPCC's West Campus

Lisa Nickel from UNCC gave a demo on her Distance Education Library Blog. Her PowerPoint is linked on the Charlotte Area Library Instruction Group website at www.cpcc.edu.library/calig. Check out her blog presentation and her list of favorite blog websites. Have you blogged yet? If you missed this casual but intense discussion of blogs with UNCC's blog designers, here is a brief summary. Blogs, or web logs, are a cutting-edge trend in communication that many libraries are using to promote services and programs. Blogs have recently become a hot topic for libraries and librarians. The discussion addressed questions such as:
  • What is a blog? What is blogging?
  • How can libraries use blogs? What benefits could they possibly offer?
  • How are blogs set-up and managed?
  • ...and more...
Check out: www.blogwithoutalibrary.net for context about the program. 

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